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Red Finch Photography offers retouching services with most packages. All images benefit greatly from changes in tone and contrast as seen in the example. Face retouching requests may include reduction of redness on skin, reduction of shine, removal of fly away hair, removal if glare on glasses, lightening eyes and whitening teeth.

Red Finch Photography is also experienced in creating clipping paths, montage, cloning, selective colour and contouring. I’m also available to retouch digital photos that may need correcting. Enhancing images through retouching helps unlock images full potential and capture attention effectively.

Retouching services include:

  • Reducing redness on skin
  • Reduction of shine in skin and teeth
  • Whitening teeth
  • Removal of blemishes and bruises where present
  • Softening of lines
  • Adjustment of hair
  • Removal of glare on glasses
  • Reduction of darkness under eyes
  • Brightening eyes
  • Removing objects in the background
  • Adjustment of colours
  • Montage
  • Resizing

I’m available to talk about your specific preferences and needs for retouching. My goal is to make subtle enhancements that elevate your portrait while maintaining a natural and authentic look. The cost for retouching is $20 per 15 minutes of work. Below are examples and the time required to achieve each desired outcome.


Simply fill in your details, and let us know about your requirements