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How much does it cost?

I charge creative fee which is inclusive of pre-production, travel and set-up, coverage time, post-production and images transferred as digital copies inclusive of unlimited usage rights.

Some studios charge a low session rate however the cost of the images are a separate fee and much higher. I charge one fee that includes both the session and the digital files. Additional costs apply when ordering prints or requesting retouching.

A half an hour photographic session isn’t half an hour of work. This is why I charge a ‘creative fee’ that includes all areas rather than a session fee rate. On average a half an hour session equates to around 3 hours of work when you include the pre and post production involved.

Retouching is kept to a minimum unless requested. Standardly I lightly edit each image which includes cropping, sharpening, tonal adjustment and optimising for web and print purposes.

Headshot photography starts from $250 which is inclusive of a 15 minute session. I can either meet you at an agreed location or you can visit my home office. This will give you approximately 20-25 headshots to select from with variations on angles and expressions. You can select your preferred headshot which will be lightly edited and optimised to your specifications.

Portrait packages start from $350 for a half an hour headshot session which is inclusive of approximately 50 portraits to select from. I will give you guidance on how to prepare for your portrait photography session and work with you to achieve a result you’re happy and confident with.

Family photography packages start from $350 for 1 family of up to 5 which is inclusive of 25 print ready digital images.

Wedding photography packages start from $850 which is inclusive of a pre-wedding chat, 2 hours coverage on the day and 150-200 print ready digital images.

Contact me with the type of photoshoot you’re after for all of my package details and inclusions.

How long is the photo session?


For an individual headshot the session may take 30 minutes depending on how many backgrounds we use, how many outfit changes you would like, how many styles of headshot you would like. If we add props in like a chair or some plants this will also increase the time. A headshot will take less time if you already know exactly what is required before the shoot takes place. If you’re not sure and want to try a few different things, this of course is fine however will take a little longer.

Family photography

I would allow for no less than half an hour for a family photoshoot for a family up to 5 people. I also offer 2 hour sessions for large family and extended family photoshoots. If you’re going to the effort of getting the family together for a photoshoot, we don’t want to rush the session. I’m here to provide you will the best outcome possible. It’s better to focus on the key shots you would like and that’s doable in the time we have rather than trying to fit as many different variations of group photos as possible into a small amount of time. I would allow for a half an hour session for a large group photo of up to 15 people.

Multiple staff headshot session

Once I’ve arrived at your place of business it usually takes me approximately 20 minutes to set up my equipment if you know exactly where you would like me to set up. If you’re not sure, time will need to be allocated to discuss your options for the best spot and backdrop. Once set up I usually allow for 5-10 minutes per person unless you request it to be done quicker. Some people may take a little more time than others. If you would like group staff portraits, these take a little more time to set-up than the individual ones. I need time to set everybody up and compose them. Often it takes quite a few goes to get everybody looking right at the same time together. For a group photo larger than 10 people I would allow no less that 20 minutes to get it right.

What do we wear for a family photoshoot?

I recommend firstly that each person wears something that they’re comfortable in and confident wearing. Make sure your clothes fit you well and aren’t too small or too big.

I ask that you remove hats, sunglasses, and transition lenses so that I can capture the features your face and your expressions. If it’s a beach photoshoot you may want to take your shoes off. This works well in the context of the beach.

As you are coordinating your outfits, keep in mind you will look the most cohesive when the colour palettes coordinate, without being too “matchy”. I wouldn’t recommend all wearing the same tone in colour. Meaning each person should aim to wear a different colour within a similar colour palette family. I’ve got more information on colour palettes once you’ve booked your session.

What time of the day is best for an outdoor photoshoot?

This depends on who is involved in the photoshoot and where you would like the photoshoot to take place. If you have small kids for example, then I would schedule the photoshoot around them and when they’re at their best time of the day. It could be mid-morning.

If you want a beach photoshoot, sunset is the best time in terms of light and colour. The beach however during summer the middle of the day can be every bright. It’s an open, shade less area with white reflective sand, so it can be very harsh in hotter weather. I don’t recommend wearing sunglasses or transition lenses in the photoshoot as I want to see your expressions and eyes in the photos.

The park is a great option during the day, in the middle of summer as there are lots of shady areas to explore.

How big are the file sizes?

I shoot RAW files which are then converted to high resolution jpegs (7-10MB) before transferring to you. I don’t offer the original RAW images as part of the package. These are the unedited versions. The jpegs I send in the final package are all edited copies. I will send you the images in two sizes, low resolution (approx. 400KB) for use on screen and the high resolution for prints and enlargements. Happy to send the files to you with requested specifications, just let me know in advance.

Where do you take the photos?

I’m mostly a location photographer and love working with natural light. You may have an idea of where you would like the photos to be taken, for example in your backyard or at a local park you frequently visit.

You may request that I come to your place of business or place of residence. We can alternate between indoor and outdoor set-ups. Alternatively, I have some great recommendations of places we can go if you’re not sure. If your preference is to use a backdrop, I have the space to set that up at my home office.

Can we tell you what we want in our photographs?

Absolutely, you can. I understand that some clients are happy for me to organise, direct and craft the images as per my style. Other clients would like for me to work with them in creating the images that they have in mind. I’m happy to work with you if you have your own ideas or style guide to adhere to.

At the very least, I do like to know if you have preference on posed or candid style images. Some clients would prefer me to offer them direction and pose them perfectly in the photo. Others just want to have fun on the photoshoot. In this scenario I offer little bits of direction here and there, but not intervene too much. This makes for a more natural looking outcome.

How do I style myself for a portrait session?

Some people opt to have their hair done in the morning of the photoshoot. If you have long hair and want to wear it out, it will make a big difference if it looks sleek and styled. If you prefer to wear your hair up, make sure it is neatly placed without too many stray hairs. Email me for a copy on my top tips to styling yourself for a portrait and I’m here to help. If wearing make-up, it should be neutral in tone and not too heavy.

You can add a little character or a splash of colour to your outfit however you don’t want your outfit to be too distracting to the eye or clash with the background. If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, I recommend selecting your favourite 2-3 outfits from your wardrobe, putting them on and taking a self of yourself in each. This should make it easier. I’m also happy for you to text me your selection of outfits and help you choose if still unsure.

Do you have a studio?

I have an empty double garage that I set-up as a studio space when required. This works best for headshot and portrait photoshoot that require a backdrop.

How do I receive my images?

I will be sending you a link to your online gallery for viewing and to share. Images will also be transferred as digital copies in both high resolution for enlargement printing (approx. 7- 10 MB) colour space RGB and low resolution for postcard prints and use on screen (approx. 700 – 400 KB) colour space s-RGB. If you would like to request images be sent at a different specification or a particular colour profile, let me know.

Regarding prints you can source your own printing. Places like Office works, Big W, Kmart, Vista Print and Harvey Norman all offer low cost prints. If you would like something high quality and longer lasting, I can recommend printing services for this.

If you would like to request high quality lustre (semi-gloss) prints through me, I can send you a price list for this.

How can I make a payment?

Once we’ve agreed on a date and time for your photoshoot, I will be sending you a deposit payment invoice to secure you’re booking. This payment is required before the photoshoot takes place. I will be emailing you the invoice to make an an online payment via credit card or electronic transfer. I don’t accept payment over the phone or at the photoshoot. Final payment is invoiced after the photoshoot but before hand over of final images. Usage right to images aren’t applied until invoices are paid in full.

How do I get my kids to participate in the photos?

All children are different when it comes to being a part of a family photoshoot. Some love being in-front of the camera and others want to just play. To some extent it depends on their age group. For example, a 9 year old can understand and take direct better than a 2 year old. We want to avoid ‘forced smiling’ so I never actually ask kids to smile for a photo. I like to capture them in a genuine moment of joy. When children just want to play, I’m more than happy to work around that. I like to keep a playful vibe through-out the photography session when younger kids are involved.

My top tips for happy and engaged children at your photography session are:

Be easy-going and never show frustration

Once they pick up on your stress or displeasure, their wall goes up and out comes the stubborn child. Stubborn is tough to get rid of once it comes out. Don’t worry about them “smiling at the camera” or doing something you don’t want them to do. Keeping a light, playful vibe will shine through in the pictures.

Be playful and go with the flow of the children

It really is ok if the kids aren’t into an activity or direction. If they don’t feel like sitting at that moment, and would rather dance, I go with them and redirect later. Going with the flow, but guidingis the best way for kids. Be playful, it’s a great way to get some awesome action shots and it’s authentic. Tickling, twirling, and spinning are great ways to interact with your kids so that they engage with you.

Offering rewards after the photoshoot

This is an optional idea if your kids respond well to this. I encourage the reward to be a family activity like getting ice cream together after taking pictures.

Babies and toddlers

Firstly, it really helps to book your session at a good time during the day when your child/children are at their best, active, awake and ready to play. Make sure babies are rested and fed beforehand. Feed your toddler before the photoshoot and don’t suggest a time right near their nap/bedtime. Children of this age take little to no direction, but they will enjoy the session if there is a happy, playful vibe. We can also add additional props into the shoot for extra engagement like blowing bubbles or playing music, a toy that you don’t might being in the photos etc. Please let me know if you would like this or any other props to be added into the photography session.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! Red Finch Photography provides gift vouchers addressed to the recipient.

 Gift voucher categories include:

Happy birthday

Happy mothers day

Happy fathers day


Happy anniversary

Merry Christmas

I love you

Enquire via email or phone for details, prices and inclusions.

Are you qualified?

I graduated from a Bachelor of Photography at RMIT in 2011 and since then have worked for various companies as a family, portrait, and in-house product photographer. I’ve been freelancing since 2021.

What if it’s raining and stormy on the day?

Good question! I care about the outcome of your photography to achieve the best results possible. If it’s pouring down with rain on the day of the photoshoot, it will be compromised, and I would recommend re-scheduling. That is unless we can secure an undercover or indoor option that you’re happy with. If it’s overcast, that’s the best outcome for the day. If it’s bright and sunny day a park is always a good option as there are lots of shaded areas.

I always check the weather forecast 2-3 days before your photoshoot. If there’s a high chance of rain, we can either, just re-schedule at that time or we can wait for the day and decide. Sometimes the forecast is rainy 2-3 days beforehand however on the day it’s beautiful and not raining.

If you commit to an outdoor session and there are possible light showers, we can work around this however once I’ve arrived with my equipment there is no re-schedule option based on the weather.

How much are prints?

Red Finch Photography offers high quality, lustre semi-gloss prints at:

4×6 Inch (10×15 cm) (postcard) $10 each (10-20 – $8 each)
5×7 Inch (13×18 cm) $15 each (10-20 – $13 each)
8×12 Inch (20×30 cm) $40 each
11×16 Inch (28×41 cm) $60 each
20×30 Inch (51×75 cm) $100 each
24×36 Inch (61×91 cm) $150 each

Let me know if there is a specific size you require that’s not the list and I will provide you with a quote for that size.

$10 postage fee applies excluding orders over $100

Customer Testimonials

Based on 19 reviews
Jennifer Schleemann
Jennifer Schleemann
Skye provided some beautiful photos from our Vow Renewal with fabulous family shots. Was lots of fun and will definitely use Skye again.
Courtney Perez
Courtney Perez
We used Red Finch Photography for our wedding and we were so impressed with the results! We got married in a little cafe near a nature reserve and Skye made all our photos look out of this world. Super natural and fun. We are so thankful and happy with our keepsakes. We would recommend to anyone seeking a photographer!!!
James Thurston
James Thurston
Highly recommend Skye at Red Finch Photography. Skye was super easy to work with, on time, & was able to capture all the great moments of our special day.
Leanne Stumbles
Leanne Stumbles
We are so grateful for Skye's service, attentiveness, professionalism and creative flair. Our Marriage Thanksgiving Service was a very special event where Skye truly captured our day with a beautiful collection of photographs. She made it really fun! We highly recommend her service.
Rochelle Cairns
Rochelle Cairns
Red Finch Photography was just brilliant to work with. Skye was able to complete an unexpected rush job for corporate head shots which turned out so well. She was responsive in communication, and friendly and warm which help achieve great photographs. She made the experience really comfortable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Skye for this type of work and would like to book her for other types of photography (family events).
Michael Arcus
Michael Arcus
Thanks Skye, for an amazing maternity shoot for my partner, she loved the photos as they came out amazing. Would highly recommend Skye for your next photography needs. Very happy with her work! Cheers Michael.
Tammy Lobato
Tammy Lobato
Skye photographed myself and my staff for my business Tammy Lobato Wigs and Hair Replacement. She captured our not only our staff's professionalism but their empathy and compassion towards our clients. We are grateful for Skye's work and will use her again.
Lucas Arnold ROX
Lucas Arnold ROX
Skye entered the room & knew exactly the light and look she needed to get awesome shots! We had an easy and fun photography experience with Skye.. & can highly recommend.
Krystal Spano
Krystal Spano
Skye is simply, a professional. She is kind, patient and has an eye for detail. Skye photographed our extended family (6 children plus 6 adults) and the results are breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous shots and lifetime memories. We highly recommend her services and will call on her skills for future times.
Antoinette M
Antoinette M
Skye took some profile picture for my new website, and it been so good working with her throughout the entire process. She's really professional and personable. She made me feel completely at ease, (even though I don't usually like having my photo taken!). Skye also communicated well with me, and made everything stress-free and uncomplicated. I'm really happy with the results and would absolutely recommend her work.


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