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Family photos on your wedding day

By February 19, 2022April 16th, 2024Wedding Photos

Let me share some tips for getting everyone together for those awesome family photos on your big day. Things to do:

  • Make a list of people you want to include
  • Let people know in advance
  • Allocate a family member or friend assist in gathering people
  • Figure out the best time and location

First things first, consider making a list of the people you want to include – it could be both family and friends or just family. Some couples go for a large group photo with everyone, while others prefer separate sessions for friends and family.

It’s essential to have a chat with your family beforehand so everyone knows when these photos are happening on the day. If you’re into pre-wedding getting ready photos, it’s a fantastic chance to capture candid moments with your family and grab some posed group shots while everyone is feeling fresh.

To keep things organised, creating a list of different groups is a great idea. Consider having a family coordinator or liaison to help gather everyone and make sure no one gets missed in those special portraits. We can also discuss finding the perfect spot for the photos and figuring out the best time in the wedding schedule to capture that beautiful natural light. Ultimately, with a bit of planning and teamwork, the family portrait session can be a breeze and add to the joy of your wedding day! 📸💍