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Why is a professional headshot so important?

Headshots are so important because they represent you and your unique identity in a professional way. A great headshot can really make a difference!

I want to work with you in capturing your personality, professionalism, and approachability while highlighting your unique features and expressions. It’s essential to think about things like lighting, background, and what you wear to get the best results.

Factors to consider

Consider your personal brand, values, and the message you want to convey. If you have a specific style or aesthetic that aligns with your personal or professional identity, we can incorporate that into your headshot.

Determine if the headshot is it for a professional profile, a job application, acting, a business website, a personal profile, or social media? Do you require more than 1 look?

Identify the audience you want to appeal to with your headshot. If your headshot is for a specific role, try to understand what kind of qualities or attributes they might be looking for.

Remember, the chosen style should ultimately reflect your personality, professionalism, and the image you want to project to your intended audience. Once you’ve determined these factors, I can assist you in selecting appropriate styles, backgrounds, lighting, and poses that suit your goals.

Headshot styles:


  • A clean and professional look

  • Neutral or solid background to minimize distractions in the background

  • Controlled lighting to achieve different effects

  • Minimal props or accessories, focussing on your expression and professionalism


  • Describing your brand further with background details, props and colours

  • Giving audience an idea of what your line of profession

  • Having more depth with foreground, background and natural light

  • Background needs to be clean and simple, the face needs to be the hero of the photo

Business woman office portrait


  • Offers a more natural and casual backdrop

  • Choose an outdoor location that complements your intended look and aligns with your personal or professional brand

  • Locations could include a local park, urban setting, garden, beach, or any other outdoor