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Choosing the perfect spot for your Family Photoshoot

By March 18, 2022April 16th, 2024Family Photography

Planning a family photoshoot isn’t just about getting great pics; it’s about making memories, getting closer as a family and celebrating significant occasions. Location options may be:

  • A backyard
  • Indoors
  • Local park
  • Local beach

When it comes to picking the perfect spot for your shoot, there are a few things to consider. Many families like to be at home or in a rented place because it gives them privacy and control. If that’s what you’re into, look for a big backyard with a neat garden – it’ll give us room to move around and get some awesome shots.

We can take indoor photos right at your home too! We just need a clutter-free space with plenty of room and good natural light. If you’re thinking of indoor family portraits, I’ll ask that you send some pics of the spot you have in mind, that way if the lighting’s not great, I might need to bring extra lights.

If home doesn’t work or you’d rather be outside, parks or beaches can be amazing choices. Once we check out potential spots, we’ll chat about the best time for the shoot, considering your family’s schedule and aiming for great lighting.

Weather’s a big deal too. I’ll keep an eye on the forecast and prefer cloudy days for soft light or find ways to avoid harsh sun. If it rains, we can reschedule or find a cosy indoor spot to stick to our plans.

Parks are great for the open space and natural backdrop. Go for bigger parks with fewer people around for privacy. Some private parks might need permits, so we’ll check that out.

Beaches are amazing for family shoots, especially in the early morning or late afternoon for that perfect light. I look for spots like under piers or around rocks for some awesome shots. Kids can have a blast playing in the sand or water!

Oh, and don’t forget comfy shoes, leave the sunglasses or hats behind (so we see those smiles!), and maybe go barefoot for that beachy feel. Let’s capture real moments and your family’s awesome personalities against an fantastic backdrop.