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Unveiling Confidence: How to Beat the Nerves of Having Your Portrait Taken

By March 25, 2022April 16th, 2024Portraits

Getting your portrait taken can make a lot of us feel jittery. I mean, who likes being the center of attention and worrying about how they’ll look in the photos? But hey, there are ways to handle those nerves and actually enjoy the whole experience!

First off, focus on the positives. Visualise yourself at the photo shoot, looking confident and relaxed. And hey, I’m here to make you feel comfortable and guide you through the poses and expressions. Don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s anything specific you’re not ok with or if there’s something you really want to highlight or downplay.

Practice makes perfect, right? Try posing in front of a mirror before the shoot. Play around with different expressions and stances to find what works best for you. Trust me, feeling confident in your poses can work wonders during the actual session.

Now, let’s talk wardrobe. Wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks. Opt for outfits that flatter your body and reflect your personal style. And please, steer clear of anything too tight or uncomfortable. We want you feeling confident, not self-conscious!

How to best style yourself for your portrait session

• Look as neat as possible

• Opt for formal choices like suits, ties, jackets, formal shirts or a light blouse with a simple neck line for women

• Choose muted tones that are a bit subdued, neutral colours work best to compliment any skin tone

• Wear solid-coloured clothing

• If you wear glasses, consider if you want to keep them on or off

• Ensure clothes aren’t see-through and under garments can’t be seen

• Wear something you’re comfortable and confident wearing

• Wear clothing is the right fit and size

• Men to be cleanly shaven

• Keep makeup neutral in tone and natural-looking

• Remove bulky items in pockets

• If you have long hair and want to wear it out make sure it’s neatly placed and sits nicely

• If you wear your hair up, ensure there are no fly away hairs

• Wear simple jewellery